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Cambodia – 9 places not to be missed

Cambodia – 9 places not to be missed

Course will not be able to see all the things Cambodia invites in just a trip, but you can refer to the following activities and options, which are the colorful festivals in Cambodia. . quiet beaches, virgin natural features and of course what is the most beautiful of the temples of Angkor. All are worth to you to “stop” and then, see, and experience.

1. Boat cruise on the Mekong River: Especially at sunset, this scene would etched forever in your mind. Cruising along the river through Phnom Penh to enjoy the scenery and colors as the sun slowly sink behind the Royal Palace and the Silver Tower.

2. Pre Rup: ancient Khmer temple with a pyramid in the middle of the icon is considered the home of the Spirit in the conception of Hindu cosmology.

3. Banteay Srei: The temple beautiful roses decorated billion U.S., the most elaborate of all the monuments of Angkor.

4. Kbal Spean: Sculpture extremely sophisticated in sacred places in the jungle in the Kulen Mountains, it is Kbal Apean.

5. Angkor Wat: The essence of the art of Khmer architecture, five towers cob is undulating with exquisite bas-relief is one of the scenes, the most impressive destinations of Cambodia and Asia.


Cambodia is now familiar to most destinations Vietnam. In particular, many young people prefer the “backpacker” to Cambodia, and actually completely not difficult to make such a trip to the land of the temples of Angkor.

6. Angkor Thom: Rare anyone to Cambodia to miss this place, enough to know how the famous Angkor Thom. This is a spacious city is surrounded, to the city to go through the huge gates are decorated with large stone faces.

7. Bonn Om Tuk: This is the annual water festival in Phnom Penh, which was held for 3 days boat races take place very active and aggressive on the Tonle Sap River.

8. Royal Palaca and Silver Pagoda: Located in the heart of the capital, the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda is the “place” of the painting myths, tales and precious statues, including the statue of Germany famous emerald colored Buddha.

9. Ream National Park: As one of Cambodia’s most beautiful national parks, wild landscape with river and mangrove two and bayside separate, secluded.

Thanh Kieu – Resort in Phu Quoc

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