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Activity interesting at Phu Quoc

Activity interesting at Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is not only a beautiful island with beaches and pristine landscapes. Here, you have the opportunity to experience a lot of exciting recreational activities, unique.

Night Fishing

When night falls, the whole island of Phu Quoc became quiet but far off in the life of the fishermen still bustling with the flickering light as a bustling city. It’s time to experience the relaxing moments just having fun with the crew with night squid fishing activities. There will not be anything in your hands when the question is what are the predators of the sea level picked up the note or swordfish, blue bones themselves are well above sea level. Booty is squid or fish Vodka sentence will be served on board.

cau muc dem 300x200 Activity interesting at Phu Quoc

You can book your tour in Phu Quoc hotel to go squid fishing, also quite funny, it went from about 5:30 to 8:30. about 200.000VND tickets (including instruction + shuttle + porridge eating squid on board, serving utensils squid, fish), ticket prices can go down if its winter group. Fishing should be fishing at dark (moonless sky).

Discover Dinh Cau Night Market

Dinh CauNight Market is located in the center of Duong Dong town, the shopping centers, dining, sightseeing for tourists as well as locals. Visitors do not have to look very far, at Dinh Cau night market is full of Phu Quoc specialties such as fresh seafood, game dishes or a rich dinner. The restaurant, bar – coffee and a lot of focus here.

Entertainment center focused on Tran Hung Dao and 30 quarters of Duong Dong town.

Diving coral

Marine eco-system diversity in An Thoi archipelago or island south Nails, mouth and seen by the northern island of Phu Quoc Island is the ideal place to explore the world’s oceans, particularly over the coral reef where the wires in Vietnam topped the richness with 17 types of hardware, software and various anemones.

Tour Snorkerling are also hotels, resort in Phu Quoc introduced and offered for sale to tourists. Price from 350000-500000 VND / person.

Fishing explore the uninhabited island

This tour will take you to an island or coastal fish species such as grouper, mangrove, fish fishponds, fish line. Booty is time fishing will be served on board. This is an opportunity to experience the life of the hardworking fishermen where remote islands. Just fishing, you just can group organized camping, picnic and explore the surrounding areas … Some favorite places such as Cape Ong Doi, Hon chips …

Explore the forest

If you are the adventurous preferred choice, this is for you. You can book the tour or to explore the North Island Ecological Reserve multilingual streams or Ganh Ecological Reserve Oil. Some adventurous visitors to discover for themselves the forest or just hire a tour guide local people during the voyage of discovery.

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