Thanh Kieu - Resort in Phu Quoc

Thanh Kieu Coco Beach Resort
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Thanh Kieu Value

Thanh Kieu Value

The works of Thanh Kieu are inspired by crystallized key characters: passion stimulating creativity; Trust – respect; integrity – accountability; optimism and courage. Thanh Kieu aims at ensuring a healthy environment, a planet for today and the next generations. Following five basic values act as guideline during the existence and development of Thanh Kieu.
 Passion in nature, culture, and respect about the diversity of the life. The most exploitation of friendly produces from the nature and local people.
 Mutual trust and respectto help us to share, receive eco-diversity and abundant culture as well as talent and experience of Thanh Kieu.
 Integrity and accountabilityimplementing decision for the options provided by Thanh Kieu.
 Optimism: the life and the planet where Thanh Kieu carries out activities are protected. For customers, our partners are well aware of ecological environment. We will witness the success in recovering, conserving ecological values of the nature as well as local culture.
 Courage: to act powerfully and pursue the mission of Thanh Kieu in tireless way and with boundless enthusiasm.
Basing on the cultural development of households and to become more professional as being integrated in team work, openness and cooperation are foundation to make a healthy and prosperous place for all people.

Thanh Kieu – Beach resorts in Phu Quoc

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  2. Văn Linh nói:

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    Hello. We plan to come to you at the beginning of the month.
    Please specify.
    In the bungalow there is a conditioner
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