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Thanh Kieu Coco Beach Resort
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Thanh Kieu Value

Thanh Kieu Value

The works of Thanh Kieu are inspired by crystallized key characters: passion stimulating creativity; Trust – respect; integrity – accountability; optimism and courage. Thanh Kieu aims at ensuring a healthy environment, a planet for today and the next generations. Following five basic values act as guideline during the existence and development of Thanh Kieu.  Passion in nature, culture, and respect about the diversity of the life. The most exploitation of friendly produces from the nature and local people.  Mutual trust and respectto help us to share, receive eco-diversity and abundant culture as well as talent and experience of Thanh Kieu.  Integrity and accountabilityimplementing decision for the options provided by Thanh Kieu.  Optimism: the life and the planet where Thanh Kieu carries out activities are protected. For […]

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