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Story of Thanh Kieu – Resort in Phu Quoc

Our beginning is the story about a remote and wild area. Bai Truong is the wildest and most beautiful beach of Phu Quoc Island.
The story of Thanh Kieu Beach Resort in Phu Quoc also began from here …. Beginning over 7 years ago, Bai Truong is the wildest and most beautiful beach of Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.
There was a German person asking to buy our land to build a resort place for relaxing when they feel tired due to moving between two countries, at that time our family had only one house and they intended to live in the right place of my house in which we were living. What a pity! Thanh Kieu thought that it was his family’s hometown, a close home bringing up many generations and finally Thanh Kieu decided to refuse.
At that time, travelling to Phu Quoc was only for the purpose of discovery because hardly everyone knew about Phu Quoc, tourist information also were rare, people who travelled to Phu Quoc, only were tourists with the desire of discovering, travelling to everywhere. Good reputation was expanded because many tourists after travelling to this island took a fancy to the wild and dreamlike beauty of island. Through previous tourists’ good evaluations, the island became more and more well-known. Our beach has a beautiful view. With Vietnamese architectures and simple and natural style, more and more tourists came to hire houses. To meet increasing demands, we had only one small thought why not to build houses for rent.
And since Thanh Kieu is named as…
1, 2 …5, 8, 10…and gradually we had increased the number of accommodations. After that period, more and more tourists came to our houses and Thanh Kieu began to pursue its new simple and warm style. Beside necessary conveniences for tourists, Thanh Kieu also maintained and took advantages of specific characteristics which are available in nature at this place.
Many innovations were applied in Thanh Kieu’s houses when it was opened in 2005 in Phu Quoc Island, 2 km distance against Duong Dong Town, and took only 15 minutes from airport and 40 minutes from port by bus to reach.
This place is favored with blue sea water, golden sands, bright sunshine…
The garden is wonderful with flowers, green glass, bamboo, pineapple and coconut, etc. Thanh Kieu Beach Resort realized their visions in building a hotel in which tourists and their families can feel comfortable as they are guests in local private houses.
Owing to a big part of the sensitivity of Thanh Kieu Beach Resort, a family has helped to foster a friendly and subtle feeling for all operations of the hotel and resort. Trees, flowers and natural utensils close to human being are used every day, which helps to shape a country like and simple style under the Vietnamese lifestyle.
Peaceful and simple atmosphere in Thanh Kieu Beach Resort in Phu Quoc has attracted thousands of tourists.
Thanh Kieu Beach Resort is the foundation; it also opened a new age with a new trend of resort. Through its history, Thanh Kieu Beach Resort has always attracted thousands of domestic and foreign tourists because of its attractive factors such as creativeness, nature and beautiful scenes, etc.
For more than 7 years since its establishment, starting just as a bungalow, but now we has expanded up to 40 bungalows to meet increasing demands of local and foreign tourists.

Thanh Kieu – Beach Resorts in Phu Quoc

Story of Thanh Kieu – Resort in Phu Quoc


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